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Why Was My Design Rejected?

We can only accept designs that meet certain quality criteria. We will reject designs (prior to production) if any of the following reasons apply. If you have any questions as to why your design was rejected, please get in touch with our legal service:


Requirements For Your Pixel Design:

  • PNG, JPG, BMP or GIF file format
  • Maximum file size 10 MB
  • Image resolution at least 200 dpi for apparel
  • Image resolution at least 400 dpi for non-apparel
  • Maximum size 4000 x 4000 pixels
  • Design is isolated

     Bad Resolution:

    Pixel graphics should be of sufficient quality to realize good print results. Please make sure your designs have sufficient resolution and aren’t pixelated.  We cannot accept designs with a background (except for non-textiles such as mugs, bottles, etc.). Please make sure to rid your design completely of its background, remaining pixel artefacts or sloppy borders. 

    Highly personal design:

    Please don’t include any designs with highly personal or specific content like names, birth dates, email or website addresses. We cannot accept these types of designs.

    Design Mark:

    ACZESSORIES™ reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject any design based on alleged or suspected copyright infringement. 


    Semi-transparent designs will result in poor digital direct printing quality on colored products. Digital direct printing requires spraying a base-layer beneath the design to increase color contrast and to better bring out the colors. Semi-transparent designs would make this sub-layer visible and create an unpleasant gray fog. Try adding flecks of color to the appropriate areas of your design.


    ACZESSORIES™ reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject any design based on alleged or suspected trademark infringement.

    Design Is Blurry:

    Blurry designs or designs lacking sharpness will not be cleared since printing is likely to return poor results.

    Wrong Vectorization:

    If you vectorized your design automatically, it is possible that some areas came out untidy. Sometimes edges are rounded, parts are deformed, or anchor points are newly set. This may lead to unpleasant shapes or irregularities displayed in a font.

    Contrast Issues:

    Low contrast designs are often hard to make out and are likely to return poor print results.

    Violation of Legal Guidelines:

    We reject designs violating our Legal Guidelines for Designs. If they contain illegal content, hate speech, pornography or glorified violence. We also reserve the right to remove sensitive content or restrict its visibility if it defies child and youth protection, or if it benefits the demands of our diverse community.

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